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The Difference Between Contribution and Sacrifice    You Are One OF These two animals Spirtually! Which one do you think you are?   4:08
Which Way Do I Go?    Life is full of twists and turns, but which way? Left? Right?Straight? Here' s one sign that never fails.   2:04
What does it mean to Be BROKEN?    Is being Broken always bad? Not in God' s eyes. In order for God to really make you into the person he wants your BEST to be, you must first be broken.   2:22
A Supernatural Blood Transfusion    We all Need a Supernatural BLOOD TRANSFUSION as our flesh and blood is only good in this life.   3:22
This Really is Free!    The best things in life are free, but the best things in ETERNAL LIFE are really free.   2:16
The Power of Christ is in YOU    One of THE most powerful truths about the Christian life is   2:35
God’ s GPS Always Works!    Has a map-app brought you to the wrong location? God’ s GPS never fails. Here is the app that ALWAYS keeps us on our perfect Path.   1:55
From Delivered to DELIVERED    We are all delivered as babies INTO this world, but have you thought that you also need to be delivered OUT of this world?   4:37
Are You In The Book Of Life?    Your name is in the Book of Life but what would cause YOUR NAME to get blotted out of this book? Watch to find out!   3:17
Overcome Discouragement!    Have you ever felt Down, Depressed or Discouraged? We ALL have, but watch this to learn the good news about how to overcome it!   3:08
Reading Your Spiritual Temperature    People are one of 6 different spiritual temperatures. Where are you on the spectrum?   6:48
Nothing is Hidden From God    Watch this to see that there is an even greater presence recording every thought, word, and deed of your life--and why this is vitally important   3:07
What “ News” Can We Depend Upon?    Fake News is all the rage, but what really is fake and what is real? Learn how in this short video.   1:42
Put This on your ToDo List!    If you have not already, watch this video to find the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing to do TODAY!   1:49
Do Not Love The Things in this World    This earth is not our home, but if you love the pleasures of this world and think this is all there is, then you are in for a rude awakening!   2:23
Is Christ both your Saviour AND “Lord?”    Is Jesus Christ: Savior, Lord, ....or Both?   2:33
Are you Taking the Wide or Narrow PATH?    There are just two roads in LIFE the Wide Road which the crowd follows, and the Narrow Road which few follow. One leads to destruction, the other to life. Which road are you on?   3:08
Ideas for a Creative Easter Celebration!    Pastor Jeanne shows how to create some Easter decorating ideas!   6:09
The Importance Of Being Clothed in Righteousness Before God    Is it possible to appear NAKED before God? Yes it is...but there is a way to be fully clothed in righteousnes.   5:38
This is one ' ticket' you cannot get out of    The end of our lives can come without a warning. Are you ready if that happens?   3:36
What “ Channel” Are You Tuning To?    There are so many choices today to distract us, but what are YOU looking at? Turning to The God Channel is the Solution. See why HERE.   2:24
The Power of Forgiving Others    If you have not been able to FORGIVE someone in this life, here is how you can.   9:28
Money Does Not and CANNOT) Save Your Soul!    The DOW may hit new highs, but can your riches buy your way into eternity? Earthly riches are NOT the answer.   3:32
Where is Your Bible in Your Life?    What item do you always know exactly where it is? Watch this to find out what book YOU value most! (A Tale of Two Bibles)   3:09
The True Definition of Success    What is success? Money? Career? Fame? Power? Position? Most people seek it but almost no one knows the SECRET TO SUCCESS. Watch this to find out.   3:38
Are you on God' s Side?    Which side are you on? Your own side or God’s Side?   2:11
Are You A GAMBLER?!?    You plan for retirement, but bet that your ETERNITY will just turn out just fine? Really? If you do, then you are the BIGGEST GAMBLER!   3:34
He is the True Cornerstone!    Christ is our Cornerstone of LIFE! See this important teaching.   7:39
God Healed Me of Atrial Fribulation!    God is Still in the HEALING Business! Hear Pastor Jeanne' s powerful testimony about how the LORD cured her Atrial Fibrillation   36:35
Your Life is not judged on a Scale    Most people mistakenly think that their eternal fate depends on the number of GOOD they have done outweighs the bad. This is not what the Bible teaches...   4:23
The vanity of VANITY    The entire Bible can be summarized in one you know what that verse says? It's the opposite of VANITY.   2:59
Jesus is NOT On Sale!    Have You seen how False Teachers Have Put Jesus ON SALE?   5:46
What Happens in the “ Here-After?!?”    We are all familiar with the here-and-nowbut what is the (here) AFTER?   7:29
Life Insurance or Life ASSURANCE    We all know about Life Insurance, but what about Life ASSURANCE?   12:25
What's with all those silly John 3:16 signs?!?    Those JOHN 3:16 signs at Ballgames what is that all about and why?   17:18
There are only 4 POSSIBILITIES After Death    Is there no god, the Universe, many gods or ONE true God?   16:53
iWhy Churched are Dead & BORING!    Why are many churches not worth going to? Because they have nothing to offer! Why is that?   16:35
No Need to FEAR because of this (watch!)    Events in the world are aligning precisely with what the Bible has said of what the end of the age would be like. Please do NOT miss this engaging, factual presentation of why we are in the end times.   31:31
There is nothing greater than being in the favor of God!    How can we get into God' s favor? Watch this video to find out the simple answer.   1:01
What calendar day in the year will be your LAST?!?    We all know our BIRTHDAY, but out of 365 days, one is your DEATH DAY. Are you ready to celebrate that day?   7:35
Getting High will lead to becoming LOW    The dangers of smoking is well known, but marijuana even MORE dangerous to us physically as well as spiritually.   1:01
Renew Your Health & Strength!    God' s Will for us is Good Health! Not Sickness!!   0:53
Finding True JOY in Life    There is and CAN BE great JOY in life. The question is how to get there. Please watch to find out.   12:25
The Opposite of Love is not Hate    Most People think that the opposite of Love is HATE, but that is NOT true is something more dangerous.   6:42
This was the Only & True Passover Lamb    Passover is not just a traditional Jewish Holiday but has great significance. Learn WHY in this video.   7:37
This Open Invitation Is Awaiting On You    If you wanted to be invited to a party or to stay for free at a friend' s vacation home, you have to first KNOW and have a relationship with the owner.   6:51
The Metamorphisis of the Soul    Christianity is NOT about do' s and dont' s, but about TRANSFORMATION.   6:36
Do Not miss this last chance to escape    Some Missed The Boat Others The Helicopter Do Not Miss Salvation!   3:37
Your first few minutes in eternity will be either This or THAT    What happens in the 1st 60 Minutes After You Die? The Bible tells us!   9:04

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