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About Pastors Wayne & Jeanne Estrada

    It was really a miracle how Wayne & Jeanne met. Although Jeanne lived in Tennessee, and Wayne in Washington, DC, through an on-line Christian dating site, they connected on the very last day of December 2008, and after just six months were married in Memphis on July 4th 2009.

    God does not make mistakes, and from the beginning, there was something special about their marriage and partnership. Both are avid, talented musicians and both also share a deep background in the WORD of God.

     "Dr. Jeanne" holds a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling and a Doctorate Degree in Theology, while Wayne is well versed in classical Greek and has studied the WORD from his original King James Bible which he has cherished while coming to Christ in the Navy in 1975.

About Jeanne

    Jeanne was born in Charleston, Mississippi and later with her family moved to Memphis. Her family has a long history of medical doctors, but now "Dr. Jeanne" is helping to heal souls that are lost.

    From an early age she sang and performed, and while still in high school auditioned and became a performer on many national television programs. She is a former "Miss Memphis", and was also a First Alternate to Miss Tennessee, was one of the original Dean Martin Gold Diggers, and was a regular cast member of the Andy Williams, Glen Campbell Good Time Hour, The Mac Davis Show, among many others.

    Jeanne is a wonderful pianist and composer and has a CD Make Me Your Instrument available here on Amazon or You can also listen and see her sing one of the songs on her album, "Puppies Live in Heaven."

    Her doctorate degree is from Jacksonville Theological Seminary and she writes Your Daily Notes on NotesOnLife.

About Wayne

    Wayne originally hails from San Francisco and was raised in a Catholic family. At twelve he started playing the trumpet, and at just seventeen when entering the U.S. Navy as a musician, played with the Navy Show Band in over 20 countries around the world.

    He came to know the LORD in 1975 through a "coincidence" of stumbling upon Hal Lindsey's book, "The Late Great Planet Earth", and through the Holy Spirit and reading the Bible alone, came to know Christ.

    In 1976 he entered college with the intention of going into the ministry, actively studying classical Greek and history, but was sidetracked by the exploding tech revolution, earning degrees in software programming. In the fall of 2016, he was ordained as a Pastor-Teacher in Williamsburg, Virginia.

    After 38 years at AT&T and IBM, with Jeanne's support and the urging of the Spirit, he left tech to pursue two things; a career as a musician but most importantly-- to dedicate full time ministry work for NotesOnLife.

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