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“They didn’t listen
Nor did they pay attention.
They were determined
NOT to listen and
NOT to accept

Jeremiah 17:23

ConText-NoText When working with things that are highly complex, having a MANUAL showing how something works or fits together is essential. Without any context, figuring out the answer is a guessing game at best and certain failure at worst. This is even more true when managing the three most important things in this world — Money, Children and Life! Trying to successfully navigate these with NO CONTEXT can and will be difficult.

The Latin prefix 'con' in 'context' means 'with,' so context literally means '(having) WITH Text,' and there is no greater text that has ever been written as a life manual in this world as the Bible. In it is not only the explanation of why things aren’t working in life, but also understanding how to put life back on track when things go completely wrong.

However, instead of using God’s 'Life Manual' as a guide for living, many instead choose NO CONTEXT except what seems or feels right. While working from a blank piece of paper gives unrestricted freedom to write your own text, it opens up unlimited opportunities to fail.

Instead God has given us a Sure-Fire Text Book that will not only lead us through the challenges of this life, but also shows the way to both safety and eternity, and that 'context' is THE BIBLE.

Friend, as today’s scripture verse exhorts us, LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION God’s instructions in this/his text, and watch life work and fit together as it should.

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You

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